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Limited beliefs



Beliefs are the fundaments of our lives. They organise our experiences, our feelings, our emotions, our actions, our way of living and being in the world.

Changing a fundamental belief about ourselves, is not that easy. NLP will offer efficient tools to make this happen.

The term Neuro-Linguistic Programming integrates three fundamental composants of human experience: neurologie, language and our programs. The neurological system regulates the functioning of our bodies, the language determines our way of interacting with others, and our programs determine the model of the world we create.

We are going to link these tools with your practical knowledge in Bio-Decoding.


Changer une croyance fondatrice de votre être, n’est pas simple. La PNL offre des outils très performants pour ce faire.

Le terme de Programmation Neuro-Linguistique intègre les trois composantes fondamentales de l’expérience humaine : la neurologie, le langage et nos programmations. Le système neurologique régule le fonctionnement de notre corps, le langage détermine notre manière d’interagir avec les autres, et nos programmes déterminent le modèle du monde que nous créons.


Nous allons mettre en lien ces outils avec votre pratique en Bio-Décodage.

Practical information

Year 2020


  • 14th-15th-16th-17th May


  • 15th-16th-17th-18th October


  • 22nd-23rd-24th-25th October


This course is linked within the framework of the Biocoding of Christian Flèche

Content of the cours

Different tools of NLP : Criteria and concrete equivalences / Logical levels of Bateson / Meta-Programs / Visuel, hearing, kinesthetic sub-modalities / changing personal history / reprinting.


Benefits of this cours


Acquisitions of tools to change a belief.


Transforming a belief by ourselves.


The positive sensation to finding the power of what limited us.

To whom is this course aimed to

To all of those who already did the course Bio-Coding from Christian Flèche.

With the modifications to all of those who want to change limited beliefs.

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