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Individual Therapy for adults and teenagers


Lack of confidence in ourselves or in life, relationship or professional difficulties, hypersensitivity, painful rupture, existential issues, difficult emotional life, physical pain, disease management, cancer.

These difficulties prevent you from flourishing and feeling serene or feeling fully in control of your personal achievement.

I offer you a listening and welcoming space:

  • To accommodate your difficulties in experiencing particular situations, painful break-up, hypersensitivity, professional relationship, management of the disease…
  • To accompany you in your personal and spiritual development.
  • To make contact with one of your deceased.
  • To help a soul reach the light.

I offer you to create solutions hand by hand with you, tools, resources and thus acquire new ways to act, to flourish, to regain your creativity, your self-confidence and a certain serenity.

Treated disorders

Anxiety Disorders - Behaviour

Angst – Anxiety – Burn-out – Panic Crisis – Depression – Not well being – Fear – Shyness – Attention Deficit Disorder – Behavioral Disorders

Stress-Related Disorders - Trauma

Abuse – Harassment – Stress – Post Traumatic Stress – Trauma

Relationship problems - Treating bereavement

Emotional Dependence – Mourning – Couple Problems

Eating disorders

Weight management


Allergy – Fibromyalgia



The tools and methods practiced during these sessions are numerous and stem from the lessons I have followed during my career:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming - NLP




Body movement





The one-on-one interview sessions take place in the different countries where I travel or remotely (by Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype,…).



  • 1st session: duration 1.5 hours
  • Next sessions: 1 hour


My rates are suitable for each country, do not hesitate to ask me the price applied in your region. It should not be a barrier to access for self-care. Please contact me to discuss it.
Don’t hesitate to contact me to find out my travel times and to schedule an appointment (on-site or remote).

Phone - WhatsApp

Belgium: +32 (0)491 13 65 55
Switzerland: +41 (0)79 916 34 90


Mahé Gérôme



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Mahé is to my eyes a therapist and teacher who works with her heart, with a lot go energy and optimism of human nature, curious, non-judgmental and caring towards the people who she follows, with a laugh that wakes up the dead, or sleepy souls!

Different and intuitive, she manages groups in a natural way which is very securing.

Enjoy her!

Cecile – Theux / Belgique

It was a quick lighting therapy session with miraculous results. I love to travel but I hadn’t talked the plane after several years due to a bad experience which became a phobia… the blockage was taken off after just one session. I retake the plane regularly today, without big excitement (I admit), but without anxiety. Thank you for this comfort and the new perspectives.


David - Castres ou Salon / France

My name is Philippe Vincent, I am 42 years old. I met Marie Hélène Gérôme in May 1999. By this time (I was 27 years old), it would happen I would smoke cannabis in a “recreational” way. An expression with a good tone in which we apply to say we do drugs “but not so much…”. Following a bad trip, I was able to have an appointment with Marie Hélène Gérôme, therapist. I followed a personal work for a year and a half. To be completely honest, I didn’t believe in psychologists. I saw it as a way to recruit new local policemen… Even though I had this judgment, this encounter took me over my expectative, which were to stop my daily anxieties.

A long and hard work of grief let me rediscover in myself, hidden and scared for a longtime, the real Philippe that existed. More than being scared, he had lost confidence in the world, especially the ones of adults, which to his eyes, had the terrible habit of abandoning me… Bit by bit, I learned to tame me, contact and see me differently.

But over everything, met an adult to whom I was going to trust.

An adult who gave me his hand, and to whom I was able to give my hand too as an example.

The example that would let me renew myself with the exterior world…

For that, an adult must understand my feeling, which I often didn’t understood myself.

It had to be someone from today, to whom I could feel I could count in them and I counted to them.

A second mom of substitution, for a month, for a year… capable to love me and let me surpass that, to be “polite” as the first sense of the term…

A year and a half later, I was again myself.

More free, open and independent than ever before.

I will never thank her for all of this. My second birth, painful but inevitable if I wanted to feel again. (Ah! I forgot, thanks to cannabis of course!).

Philippe Vincent – Liège / Belgique

Therapist, Coach, Marie-Hélène (Mahé after some years) has without a doubt a bit of both.

Stuck in a situation, a tasteless life in which I couldn’t find myself, Marie-Hélène helped me see clear.

Be ready to change, to be shaken up, with an iron hand but with a velour glove, Marie-Hélène will guide you all the way.

Marie-Hélène clearly shows her clairvoyance, availability, and took the necessary time, she adapted, and all of these to help me appreciate my life.

The distance and the time didn’t had reason in my guidance. After several years, our relationship is still very well present, and I continue to trust her when the time is needed. Marie Hélène is without hesitation someone of good reference for me, you can consult her without moderation if you want to take care of you. (because you are worth it ;-)).


Denis – Liège / Belgique.

The therapeutic process held by Mahé was for me an internal voyage. During this journey, I discovered parts of me that I had forgotten or escaped, I also learned to know new horizons such as security, a bigger opening towards others.

This translates to a daily life much calmer, better letting go, a deep sleep, a more conscious relation with my body, easier for me to stand for myself and forgive me, more caring and tenderness but most important more happiness and good humor. The changes installed bit by bit and with gentleness.

This dynamic therapy is possible thanks to the secure environment given by Mahé. She helps the participants to evolve with a lot of kindness, simplicity and great precision in her interventions.

Throughout this voyage, I found answers to certain questions that I wondered for a long time, answers that I hadn’t find in other seminars.

A participant in the course wrote:
“A day will come when love will be true, the horizon splendid and the environment serein. So that day, life will be beautiful. Turn your sight to your interior and that day is today”

A big THANK YOU to Mahé for all she gave me!

Philippe Vincent – Liège / Belgique

When I was 25 years old, I was drowning in trouble waters of a chaotic emotional life. My heart ripped by multiple events… having only one familiar mark, I identified to everyone except to myself and had one desire, have my ideal family.

In survival mode, I found existence only in love that I gave others, in particular my partner, with whom I lived with since I was 19 years old. I lived as a second person and couldn’t conceive to do something purely for me.

However, everything was normal for me, I “lived” like this.

Until I live a big sentimental rupture, the separation with the woman I loved and who had given birth to my 2 children.

After that, I encounter a person who is a great friend of mine today, who gave me the contact of Mahé Gérôme, to finally help me.

The first work I had with her was to stop the vicious cycle in which I was, that means, culpability and the why of it. Difficult when the wound was still fresh and wasn’t open for change.

Despite it all, the presence, her listening and comprehension of Mahé let me calm my words throughout our interventions. without judgment, no advice, I could get out a big part of hurtful events of my life which I kept inside myself and nobody knew. First big relief tell someone else what I had lived.

Since the start, a relation of trust was installed and a natural way which I can’t explain.

It should be said, that during this first stage, Mahé could quickly see the problems that I will enlist today in my first lines.

  • No landmark
  • Emotional wound
  • Survival mode
  • Talks about himself in a second person
  • etc…

My second work with Mahé was to be in my pants, if I can say “being myself” and only me. Learn the “I”, I am, I want, I do.

Terrible, I was learning to talk!!! everything evolved around me, it wasn’t all about me, I could really feel my existence in its presence.

Communicate with Mahé is a simplicity barely believable, she understands everything and makes herself understandable by simple phrases and often, with lots of humor.

What a joy to finally exchange with Mahé, everything is simple, and nothing is complicated.

The times have gone by, the trust in myself comes slowly, as well as the desire to live for me.

Small short phrases that pinpoint in who you are, exercises of visualization, small phrases to repeat so we can evolve in our everyday life, so many things that Mahé knew how to place in the right moment in my personal work.

I am 30 now, I became myself with the help of Mahé.

The work I did hasn’t left me, I evolve in my life with everything I learned from her out of 5 years of therapy and courses.

Naturally, in between I lived other difficult moments, because life isn’t always easy and I make mistakes. But I can surpass the difficult times of life thanks to Mahé.

I continue also my personal work with Mahé’s course in Intuitive Development. A course of over a year in a rhythm of 3hrs per week.

This course let me deepen my faculty to root myself, visualize in different situations and reposition in more or less in difficult times of my daily life.

An analysis of me and others in a physic and energetic plan. Being able to detect an interior emotional state, but to place it in a physical plan, visualize it in an energy way, but specially being able to name it.

Mahé knew how to guide me with a beautiful dynamic, a beautiful light and to welcome emotional words of each one, after many works asked for during this course. This course came to me to expand my personal work which is far from finished.

Cédric – Marseille /France