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The basics of NLP communication

The basics of NLP communication

This introduction to NLP is not a comprehensive or qualifying training program but a focus on a part of the practice that leads to understanding your own world map.

Development of Intuitive Senses

Development of Intuitive Senses

A 6-weekend training course for…
Exploring the world of energy, using my sensitivity to interact with the world and to agree with who I am, to give meaning to my feelings, my …

Intuitive Sense Development Perfecting Course

Intuitive Sense Development Perfecting Course

We are much more powerful than we imagine. The news on the screens are discouraging, making us believe that we can do nothing. I suggest you to find out how we can act, for ourselves and for as many people as possible.

Install my Inner Stability

Install my Inner Stability

Presentation Basic initiation for a solid attitude and being present in our everyday world. It is also an initiation to my whole practice. By choosing this course as a gateway to my work you will have all the necessary basis to its comprehension and learning. Even in...


Following Mahè’s courses, I didn’t know what to expect but it was quickly addictive since I learned to listen to my body, listen its messages, root me well and let the energy flow to unblock unsuspecting emotions and the history in which they are linked to.

Coming from a rational world of enterprises, a close-minded education to emotions, it was a new world which open up to me, a universe in which everyone can learn to find its own resources and access them when necessary. At last I found a beautiful person with the heart to help others she finds her way.

Bénédicte – Bali / Indonesia

I did 4 courses with Mahe and I hope there will be others. In each course I discover myself a bit more, I learn a lot about myself and I advance towards the way I want to give my life. I cured bit by bit the suffering that lived in me and gave place to the consciousness and peace. These courses gave me courage and energy to continue working in my personal job that I fixed myself and also a very important thing, method and protocols to work on my own.

I met Mahé by big chance, if chance exists, but in a calculated life like mine there is no big space for chance. This was a big encounter. During the courses, I felt accepted without counterparts. Her vision traversed with gentleness and led me to see myself. She is compassionate and firm in the difficult moments. Her way to transform with respect my dramas into funny anecdotes is the magic of caring. She gave a lot of herself during the courses. Finally, to resume, perspicacity, respect, sweetness, love, tenderness, generosity, firmness, determination, courage, compassion and humor, all of these dosed in the right amounts.

Thank you Mahé for everything you give us.

Nathalie – Perpignan / France

Go to a course by Mahé, you will not regret it!

With Mahé, it’s all about a voyage, a voyage to the center of one’s self, to return to the essential, to return to nature’s profoundness, and a moment out of time. We are embraced with love, respect and kindness, even when it comes to penetrate deeply in us, we feel this caring intention, this desire to take the best out of us.

The course to learn to protect us gave me essential notions of our body, our sensations, our rooting, our under-expression potential and subtlety of our relationship with others. I felt changes in me and changing positions, I started Aikido to continue to be in the feeling of our bodies of our vital energy and the importance of our position in the life towards others.

A big thank you Mahé for everything you gave me, for your sparkling personality, your generosity, and hoping to see you very soon, will all my affection.

Clarissa - Aix en Provence / France