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My trainers and supervisors

Alain Moenaert

Alain Moenaert, psychologist, certified PNL instructor. He is cofounder, creator and teacher during 20 years in one of the main institute of PNL school. He is the Belgian representant in the European Association of Therapeutic PNL. He is passionate for the link between health and psyche. He is a researcher and writer.


Philippe Vandevorst

Philippe Vandevorst studied economics and theology. His mentors were Patrick Drouot, Ronald van de Peppel, Bob Monroe, Richard Moss and lama Tarab Tulku. It deepens NLP, Gestalt, PRH and psychosynthesis. In 1988, as a teacher, he left classical higher education to pursue socio-cultural education on the theme of inner growth, the expansion of consciousness, meaning and intuitive development. He has developed various courses and trainings in the context of intuitive development and psycho-energetics. Philippe Vandevorst is co-founder of the Timothy project (Timotheus, Epeca, stEr, …)

Dr. Jan Raes

Dr. Jan Raes is a doctor and works in addition to his specialization in psychiatry as a business coach. Obtaining an MBA from the Vlerik Institute was important in this choice. He is active as a coach for business leaders and is the medical manager of the vitality center in De Kluizerij.

He  also is president of the Timotheus association, a training centre for intuitive development and president of EPECA, European Psycho Energetic Association, a training and research centre for the application of intuition in the management and coaching. EPECA offers a three-year corporate coaching course in which the intuitive brain is a central topic.

Jos Pauwels

Doctor in Science Education for adults. Jos Pauwels is hypno-therapeutic and uses creativity as the deepest expression of supramental consciousness. Jos is a master of the «Family Constellations», with him we can talk about an art that he skills with exactness, creativity and an intuition out of this world.

Caty Husband

Caty Mari, a temazcal runner and ceremonial woman, has a great ancestral knowledge.

She gave me permission to use the Campal technique, a memorial archive of matter, evolution, life and intelligence, located in our bodies.

Ada Merda Pak

Pak Merda Ada, a great meditation master, teaches healing meditations.

He validated my teaching and my meditations. This is of great importance to me, given his wisdom and knowledge of energy, related to compassion.