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Energy care and healers

What is an energy treatment?

Energy or psycho-energetic care takes care of your energetic bodies which are true protective and nourishing shields of your physical body. This holistic treatment is a complete cleansing of subtle bodies, chakras and cellular memories. It achieves a true harmonisation of energy structures and generates a release of physical, emotional and mental blockages. These treatments stimulate self-healing and bring harmonization.

By caring for our energy structures, we act on the body, and on all aspects that cause these blockages. As the energy flows more freely, we find our own life movement and live more serenely all that can pass through us [emotions, thoughts, …]

It is also important to note that one of the strengths of this practice is its ability to be practiced in distance learning. It is therefore not necessary to be in my office to benefit from care.

Energy care is not a substitute for medical care or physician-prescribed treatments. On the other hand, they are a true ally in the healing process.

Benefits of energy care

The benefits of energy care are numerous and vary depending on the person and the difficulties:


Improving vitality


Relief from pain and inflammation


Reducing stress


The release of physical, emotional and mental blockages


The global harmonization of being at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels


Strengthening the immune system


Stimulating the cell regeneration process


General well-being


Inner peace


The alignment of body, soul and spirit


Spiritual fulfillment

What are the applications of my energy care?

  • Physical pain
  • Disorders following chemotherapy
  • Post-operative pain and fatigue
  • Post-delivery follow-up
  • Anxiety Disorders – Behavior – Anxiety – Anxiety – Burn-out – Panic – Discouraging – Depression – Feeling Unwell – Fear – Shyness – Attention Deficit Disorder – Behavioural Disorders
  • Stress-Related Disorders – Trauma – Abuse – Emotional Shocks – Harassment – Great Fatigue – Stress – Post Traumatic Stress – Trauma
  • Relationship Problems – Bereavement Treatment – Emotional Dependence – Grief – Couple Problems – Relationship Difficulties – Loss of Libido
  • Eating Disorders – Weight Management
  • Psychosomatic
  • Allergies
  • Fibromyalgia


The energy treatment sessions take place in my various offices during my travels in Europe and around the world. Don’t hesitate to contact me to find out my travel times and to schedule an appointment (on-site or remote).

My rates are suitable for the countries where I travel, do not hesitate to ask me the rate applied in your area. Price should never be a barrier to access for self-care. Please contact me to discuss it.

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