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Guided introspective and active meditation, free and online

Presentation and methods

The basic principle of meditation is to develop one’s attention, concentration and posture. The development of these three faculties can have an extraordinary impact on all dimensions of our lives. By extracting yourself from your flow of thought, you become present to yourself and it is possible for you to get to the bottom of things and find the real answers to your questions.

Even if you are not ready for such a deep introspection, your positioning in your body and/or increasing your attention span will bring you many benefits in your daily life.

Every month I offer a free guided online meditation on a different theme. The methods I use are visualization, balance of chakras and subtle bodies [aura] and working in collaboration with resource energies [the ancient people, beings of light, collective unconscious, guides, music, the vibratory world, …]. These explorations allowed me to expand the practice and design one of my own.

My meditations are aimed at beginners and initiates who wish to discover or progress in their practice of meditation and in the discovery of its benefits. Use my meditations as tools to build yourself.

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The Anchoring / The Rooting

Positioning in the body

Hindu Energy [chakras – Aura]




Benefits of meditation

The benefits of regular meditation practice are numerous and have been proven by thousands of scientific studies over the centuries.

For example, there is a development of mental abilities, including concentration and attention. Scientific studies have also shown that the practice of meditation reduces stress levels from 30 to 40, decreases tantrums and depression. Many psychotherapists use meditation in their depression therapies.

These studies also showed that after three months of meditation, there is a strengthening of the immune system, an increase of 20 to 30 antibodies, an increase in stem cells in the blood.

The ultimate goal of meditation is to achieve unwavering happiness in the face of the vagaries of existence, it can only be achieved through a total understanding and acceptance of ourselves, others and our environment.

My meditations gently guide you on this path of discovery.

In practice

Generally a meditation lasts between 15min and 45min
These live meditations are always held on a Sunday morning at 11am (Belgian time). To sign up click here
You can follow my free meditations live or offline on this site or on my YouTube channel.
The date of the next guided meditation, free and live is the 15th of September 2019.

Meditation weekend

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The dates for the next weekend will be announced shortly.

Insight Timer app

Download the Insight Timer app for free to take my meditations with you. On this app you will find 3 audio meditations including the one in the morning and evening.