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The basics of NLP communication


This introduction to NLP is not a comprehensive or qualifying training program but a focus on a part of the practice that leads to understanding your own world map. With the acquisition of these new tools you will have the ability to better understand conflicts and misunderstanding of others.

These tools for improving communication and day-to-day relationships are the fundamentals for understanding human functioning.

What is NLP?

The NLP is a coordinated set of knowledge and practices in the field of personal development, based on a pragmatic approach to modeling, in terms of communication and change. It was developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s in the United States.

The term Neuro-Linguistic Programming incorporates the three fundamental components of human experience: neurology, language and our programming. The neurological system regulates the functioning of our body, language determines how we interact with others, and our programs determine the model of the world we create.


A 10-day training course for…

  • Learn to finely decode the structure of a person’s experience through its neurological and language mechanisms.
  • Acquire a technique of questioning this structure.

Practical information

Fribourg / Switzerland

Year 2020

  • Module 1 : 25 & 26 January
  • Module 2 : 22 & 23 February
  • Module 3 : 21 & 22 March
  • Module 4 : 23 & 24 May
  • Module 5 : 20 & 21 June

5 week-ends of 2 days from 9h to 17h.

150 CHF / day




Lots of practical exercises either individually, two people or in groups.

Training content

During this training, we will learn various techniques, including:

  • To formulate a goal,
  • Calibrating verbal and non-verbal language,
  • Sync with each other,
  • to rephrase
  • Eye access,
  • Anchoring,
  • Decode our meta-models, i.e. decode in our language how we have constructed our representation of experience,
  • Identify our meta-programs, the set of systems that process perceived information and information transmitted between the person and his or her environment,
  • Question our meta-model and our meta-programs. NLP is also a powerful questioning technique.

Benefits of this training course

At the end of this training, you will have acquired the ability to understand all the nuances and differences of your model of the world and that of others and, as a result, improve your communication.


A better understanding of one's own operating system.


A relevant questioning technique to understand the model of the world of oneself and the other.


Making the difference between what I do and who I am.


Measure the ineffectiveness of judgment.


Effective change techniques for everyday life.


Develop a greater awareness of oneself, of the other and of the relationship.

Who is this course for

This course does not require any basic training and is aimed at:

  • To anyone curious to discover his model of the world and that of others.
  • Help professionals who want to acquire effective techniques of understanding the thought structure and organization of experiences.

The only prerequisite is to commit yourself to practice between seminars.

Inscription Fribourg "The basics of NLP communication"

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Inscription Bali "The basics of NLP communication"

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Dear Mahé, the course of NLP which I followed with you, literally opened my eyes to a new way to approach my life. Thank you for giving me this beautiful gift of stopping restraining myself, to believe in my capacities and slowly free the moral barriers that limited me in doing and going forward.

Thanks to your perspicacious and strong intuition, each session resulted in new choices and perspectives that made me continue with conviction and faith.

I will thank you for your commitment without limits to listen to us, illuminate and make us responsible during each exercise. Thank you for your humor which gave moments of joy and lightness.

Your speech is simple and strong, your attitude is at the same time serious, light and your methodology which you manage with ease, show a perfect expertise of all the needed tools.

Also, your excellent knowledge in the area of energies and your intuitive development had an undeniable added value to each studied exercise.

Thank you Mahé in the deepest of my heart for letting me live this beautiful adventure. A transformation without doubt, unique and never felt before in the journey of my life.


Hasnaa - Bali