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My complete biography

I was born the 5th of March, 1956 in Belgium.

At 21, I became a Specialized Educator. The first part of my career will focus on this specialty.

In 1977, I began my career as an educator in an institution for delinquent boys run by Father Guérrartz and Father Pierre Belgian at the “La Maison Heureuse”. I will work there for 8 years; in which 6 years I was Head Educator surrounded by 10 colleagues for 31 young boys aged 7 to 18.

I specialize in particular, in weekend prison visits so that young people do not lose the structuring link which they have with the institution and its educators. With the team, I develop a holiday project, 1 month in the mountains, in France, where children learn how to build their accommodation. The mountain is their territorial boundary; it imposes natural rules to stay alive. It is very valuable to bring these young people back to themselves, to structure themselves, to trust themselves in sometimes difficult conditions and to know how to take care of the youngest who accompany them in the life experiences in the mountains.

In 1984, I decided to move forward and trained myself in a literacy technique. For 2 years, I will teach French to non-French-speaking adults.

At the same time as I give birth and raise my two children, Jeanne and Simon, I accumulate experiences that never cease to enrich me and my work: I will work in the College Don Bosco de Liège where I will carry out several projects…

… I will participate in the creation of interplay education for young people with academic difficulties; I will make room for the expression of uneaseness to gradually restructure the image of themselves and allow them to re-access their motivations.

… Together with a colleague, I will create an association whose goal is to put these same young people in a situation to teach them French, mathematics. Surrounded by a team of educators, a French teacher and a math teacher, the young people will restore their living houses which were abandoned, with the agreement of their landlord. Young people learn to cap, paint, plumbing, electricity, heating, masonry, but they also learn to measure the time of a task, calculate the cost of the work, manage their budget, put in order identity papers, etc. Once a week, they take an hour of therapy with me.

Although the project is working very well with young people, due to lack of funding, it will not be pursued.

Meanwhile, I continue my apprenticeship in various techniques such as meeting animation, clown, makeup, special effects in theater, and become a Certified Master Practitioner in NLP (Programming Neurolinguistics) in 1989 certified by the Resources Institute in Belgium.

Alain Moenaert, the co-founder of the Resources Institute, psychologist, researcher and author, guided me as a trainer and therapist.

During the second part of my career, I focus more on training and therapy.

From 1989 to 1994, I taught NLP for the Belgian Institute of Resources, mainly in France and Switzerland and specialized in trauma.

I was an assistant for the courses of :

  • John Grinder, one of the two founders of the NLP (USA)
  • Robert Dilts, one of the leading developers in NLP (USA).
  • Robert MacDonald, 3rd generation of NLP and spirituality (USA).
  • David Gordon, one of the first Designers in NLP, specialists in metaphors (USA).
  • Alain Moenaert, teacher and researcher for the NLP (Belgium).

All are speakers, authors, trainers known worldwide for what they have contributed to the NLP.

After the shocking Dutroux affair in 1995, together with a psychologist, we will open a reception and group therapy centre for young people aged 12 to 18 who have suffered intra- or extra-familial sexual abuse. I will also work in a drug addiction center.

During the same period, I gave french and writing classes in men’s prisons.

While maintaining my duties as a therapist, I open myself to a new field: that of energies, a field that I have always known intuitively, but which I will deepen and structure.

As early as 1991, my children were the subject of occurrences that I myself knew as a child: my daughter saw her grandfather who had died, whom she did not know, and her guardian angel with whom she spoke. My 5-year-old son gets angry because he can’t do things he sees in his head and says, banging his fist on the table, “I knew how to do this when I was a grown up.”

I re-open this space in me and will start a journey in training under the field of energy: telluric energy, dowsing, channeling, hand lines, the cards, etc.

In 1998, I began studying intuitive development for 2 years to install this as a way of living the world. Living with the perception of subtle worlds, or even the vibrations that animate each person, object. Listen and make sense of all the inside and external signs. Then, for 5 years, I will teach intuitive development in Liège for the Institute Timotheus, which trained me.

In 2003 I will take the psycho-energy training for 4 years at the end of which I will be certified Master Practitioner in Psycho-Energy by the ASBL Timotheus where I will teach for two years.