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Intuitive Sense Development Perfecting Course


How to use the 3 energy centers (belly, heart, head) to differentiate between the individual and the collective unconscious and become a conscious actor of change.

We are much more powerful than we imagine. The news on the screens are discouraging, making us believe that we can do nothing. I suggest you find out how we can act, for ourselves and as many people as possible.

Training session content

During this training session, we will learn to:

  • use the 3 main energy centres.
  • discover how they connect us with the collective unconscious.
  • how to transform, heal, for yourself and the collective unconscious.
  • The training sessions are structured around alternating exercises by yourself, in two or in groups, sessions of sharing experiences with a little theory.
  • The exercises are very varied: these are visualization exercises, exploration of one’s body and messages, welcoming one’s emotions and their message and listening to one’s intuition.

Dates and Schedules

Year 2020

Generally this cours is given Friday night from 18h till 21h, Saturdays and Sundays from 9h till 17h.

For the moment there is no scheduled cours.

If this cours motivates you, please contact us with the below form.


Fribourg, (place still to be specified)


300 CHF


  • Group of 6 to 15 people maximum.
  • For the cohesion of the group everyone brings a dish to share.

Benefits of this workshop


Understand how we are part of this unconscious.


Concrete tools for transformation.


More confidence in your own power to change for yourself and for the world.


To make the difference between yourself and the collective unconscious.

To whom is the workshop addressed to

It is addressed to all of those who have already participate in the course of «Development of our Intuitive Senses»

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