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Development of Intuitive Senses


A 6-weekend training course for…
Exploring the world of energy.
Use my sensibility to interact with the world and agreeing with who I am.
Give meaning to my feelings, my impressions, my images, my words, all these internal signals that accompany me throughout a day.

Training content

During this training session, we will:

  • Make the difference between the energies that belong to us and those of others.
  • To establish a relationship with the earth, nourishing and securing by developing our anchor.
  • Open our bond with our original multidimensional being and listen to it.
  • Develop and use our clairvoyance, see the colors and aspects in the aura and the different energy centers.
  • Develop and use our clearaudience, hear the messages of our intuition and energies outside of us.
  • Develop and use our clairsentience, feel our feelings, our emotions, name them and give them meaning.
  • Use information from the multi-dimensional in which we live.
  • Get to know our 7 chakras, their meaning and the care we can give them.
  • Discover our specificity in relation to energies.

Practical Information

Year 2020

Fribourg / Switzerland

Generally the course take place Friday’s from 18h to 21h, Saturday’s and Sunday’s from 9h to 17h.

for the moment there is not enough inscriptions to start the course. if you are interested, please contact us in the form given below.

110€ – 150 CHF / day

Buenos Aires / Argentina

Group A:

Unit 2: 30st – 31st of January & 0st1 – 02nd of February

Unit 3: 11th – 12th – 13th – 14th June

New Group (Group B)

Unit 1 : 23rd – 24th – 25th & 26th January

Unit 2 : 18th – 19th – 20th June

450 $ / person


unit 1 : 30th – 31st July & 01st – 02nd August

Unit 2 : 29th – 30st – 31st October & 01st November


Unit 1 : 25th-26th-27th-28th June


Unit 1 : 1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th July

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Benefits of this training course


A flexible and effective method of the three clairsenses.


A technique of relevant questioning about energies.


The knowledge of chakras and aura.


Discover new dimensions of yourself.


The ability to focus and inner peace on a daily basis as well as a caring presence to oneself.


Care techniques.


Resources to live and fulfill your desires.


A greater awareness of oneself, of others and the universe.

And for professionals helping and accompanying people, you can use your new tools to support the different levels of being, body, psyche, thought, emotional, subtle and spiritual. The professionals will have acquired a way of positioning himself which will allow him to be less tired and not cluttered by the energies that he will have crossed on his working day.

To whom is this course addressed

This course requires no basic training and is aimed at all people and professionals curious to discover new resources, abilities and discover a more subtle way of perceiving life and the world.

The only prerequisite is to commit yourself to practice between seminars.

Inscription Fribourg "Development of Intuitive Senses"

Inscription Buenos Aires "Development of Intuitive Senses"


Being an assistant of her, I was able to work with Mahé in the center of a group, her way to animate, all the resources she uses. She is a wonderful listener and she adapts to her speaker. Her comments are precise and has an extreme respect for people. 

Denis – Liège / Belgium

Following the course of Intuitive Development with Marie-Hélène Gérôme, I installed in myself a connection with others and the world by being calm, active and non-reactive. I discovered other perspectives which continue to open my curiosity.Marie-Hélène taught me and guided me with a big respect of my identity, my life experiences. I appreciated the security in which she guarded over me, allowing me to live personal strong experiences. In any moment, I didn’t have the impression of being taken the power, she helps the transmission and doesn’t manipulate.

I also asked Marie-Hélène for a couple of individual therapies. She allowed me an emotional liberation which had positive repercussions in my daily life and my health.

She is a beautiful person, highly qualified whom I recommend as a guide for an intuitive development and therapist.


Lucie – Fribourg / Switzerland

In 2002, I followed the course of ID (intuitive Development) during a year, teached by Marie Hélène back then.

Followed by an individual therapy, I strongly wanted to renew my capacity of feeling.

I discovered all throughout my therapy, that I had a hard time identifying what I felt.

I experienced during more than a year (I interrupted during the second year), by the bias of exercises and situations, sensations through my body and my emotions, which led me to take conscious in with I was and not that I had one…

My body is the source of my person, my emotions, my thoughts, my acts, my desires. I found this at that right moment.

Marie-Hélène guides us perfectly alone and in groups in the discovery of ourselves.

We did this bit of the journey together and it took our breathes away, I am sure. I want to continue by myself now…


Philippe Vincent – Liège / Belgium

I met Marie Hélène when I was living a strong grief and I was looking to give sense to my life.

I started to participate in a personal development group based on the Intuitive Development.

My teacher was Marie Hélène. We shared 3 years together.

Marie Hélène is an out of the common person. She is full, spontaneous, confident, amusing, interpellant and confronts it with accuracy.

She has and extraordinary knowledge and vision of the human being. She has amazing skills as a therapist.

She possesses a vision, an analysis and a connection with people which are out of this world.

I can say that Marie Hélène was there at the right time in my life to give me a new breath of fresh air to my life.

She let me reconstruct my self-esteem and trust in myself. The proposed work rooted and balanced with energy in our internal and subtle bodies was strong.

Marie-Hélène literally uplifted me with her caring consideration and valorization. Her excellent skill of NLP is a big plus.

She has a powerful ability in the intuitive lecture and in the revelation of who you are. Our emotional and intuitive intelligence developed, installed and gives internal peace. Life like this is more comfortable and righter.

Marie Hélène is an indispensable person in my life.

Pascale – Liège / Belgium